About Us

Where did Busman Audio come from?
Busman Audio evolved from the humble beginnings of a man with a passion for sound. Chris Johnson, owner of Busman Audio, began his audio recording journey over 10 years ago. He became known in the live taping community under the name of Busman. Over time, Chris was continually striving for the “ideal sound”. Since money does not grow on trees, he began to look at ways to improve the sound quality of the equipment he was already using. Through a lot of study, experience, tinkering, and testing, Chris developed several equipment modifications for pre-amps and microphones. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves quality sound at an affordable price, Chris began to offer his services modifying equipment for others.

Busman Audio was born.

One day, Chris came to the realization that he could design a new line of microphones that could compete, in both live and studio applications, with the top name brands on the market today. The Busman Audio microphone line was developed. Chris uses top quality components and pays individual attention to each microphone assembly. Each microphone is personally tested by Chris and backed by his quality guarantee.

What is with the yellow?
One of the first things you may notice about Busman Audio microphones is the color. The yellow of the microphones is the factory paint color used on VW buses between 1970 and 1972. Chris is the proud owner of a 1971 VW bus in this very color. You could say that the bus has become the mascot for Busman Audio. He wanted something a little different than the standard black or silver commonly used for microphones. We find it a pleasing color and hope you do to. Besides, how many people can say that their microphone is the factory color of a VW bus? We hope that this number is growing...

You modify audio equipment and have a microphone line, what else do you do?
If you have read this whole bio, you know that Busman Audio began with audio electronics modifications and has grown into a boutique microphone manufacturer. But that is not all that Busman Audio can do for you! You can also purchase audio cables custom made to your specifications. Busman Audio also provides recording services for local musicians, either live or in studio. If you have other audio needs, just ask! We can help.

Chris is still very active in the taping community. You will see him out at many local concerts and festivals. Be sure and stop by and say hi if you see him.