The BA-SR1 is a stereo ribbon microphone. the ribbons are 2.2 microns thick. The ribbons are tensioned properly here in the US by Busman Audio and tested. The ribbon transducer is comprised of two powerful neodymium magnets and high pure iron alloy. The BA-SR1 is actually comprised of two separate matched ribbon microphones. They are mounted in close proximity on a vertical axis, places one above the other and each aimed 45 degrees from the center. When held vertically, connector down, the upper microphone is the left channel and the lower microphone is the right channel.
The BA-SR1 5 pin cable terminates to a splitter box. A custom cable with 2 XLRs at the reccorder end is avaialble for and extra charge. email for details.

I am now offering the lundahl 2912 transformer upgrade as well
as the stock version of the microphone. The Lundahl equipped version is $550.

Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Frequency Response: 30-15000Hz
Sensitivity: -52dB
Rated Impedance: 600ohm
Maximum SPL: 130dB for 1% T.H.D.

Download Printable Overview (PDF format)

$350.00 USD
Stock version

Lundahl upgrade version

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