Customer Testimonials

BSC1 stereo kit - reviews
I have owned the Busman BSC1 microphones for a few months now, having been one of the first to purchase a pair. I have found them to be exceptional in value and build quality, not only at their price, but at any price. I love the clear and crisp natural sound the mics capture and I have made some wonderful live music recordings with the mics. It is my opinion that Chris Johnson has attempted to put together a mic that if mass produced would have to cost much more. They are well engineered nicely finished mics and I could not be happier to use them when recording. I have been recording live music for over 3 decades, and I have listened to many microphones, and I think the Busman BCS 1's can hold their own in accurate sound reproduction with the best of them.
Thank you Chris Johnson for undertaking this venture and doing it so well!

Clifford Morse - Minnesota

I just wanted to let you know that the mic arrived earlier this afternoon that I've had the opportunity to plug it into my mixer and do a little bit of testing with it and that it sounds really, really quite good.  I was very surprised by just how clean and quiet the mic was (you've done a great job with the internal electronics), and the evenness of the mic is striking.  To my ear, this is a flat mic (which I like).

Matthew Monroe- Portland,OR

I'm really enjoying my BSC1 mic kit. The mics sounds great!

With respect to film production, I've used them on a feature doc for artist Thierry Guestta aka 'Mr. Brain Wash' and on a short film so far.
I've also used them in Post, to record sound effects and foley... including a 12 gauge shotgun and a .22 long rifle.
For interior Dialogue, I think the BSC1, well at least mine,... is my favorite... and I've got Lots of experience with The mics commonly used for that purpose.
Any way, thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service.
I'll be purchasing more mics from you in the future.
In fact, I've actually turned the Actors with whom I've been working,.. on to your mics, because they loved the sound of their voices so much upon reviewing raw footage...lol

~ Mark Henry


A mastering engineer friend of mine bought a set of Busman Audio small diaphragm condensers and used them to record one of my live shows. The performance was only so so, but sonically, it was one of the most dimensional live recordings I've ever heard. Depth, air, well-defined and controlled bass. Not a hint of harshness in the high end. I was in the market for a new large diaphragm condenser and as luck would have it, Chris Johnson, owner of Busman Audio, just happened to be releasing his very first large diaphragm condensers. They were inexpensive at $250, so I ordered it sight unseen.

The BA-L2 is a multi-pattern class A FET with a transformer-coupled output. The mic has a glossy BA "schoolbus yellow" finish. Each mic comes with a 5 year limited warranty and includes a hard molded case, shockmount and windscreen.

I am very impressed with this microphone. It sounds terrific and performs well in a number of recording situations. It has similar qualities as the Busman small condensers I mentioned before; smooth top end and no crispiness. It handled a key jangle transient test with no problems. Also, the proximity effect is well-controlled, which I find rare in a lot of mics in this price range. Here is a simple acoustic guitar sample that I got running the mic into my stock Digi 002R with no compression or EQ, about 10 inches at the 14th fret.

This microphone looks like it originated in the same Chinese factory as the Avantone CK7, but that is where the similarities end. Chris Johnson opens up every BA microphone and replaces all the parts with "very high quality components" including van den Hul wiring.

I have a single complaint, which is incredibly minor when I think about how this microphone sounds. I wish it included a slightly better shockmount. I have to handle the shockmount very carefully in order for it to not scratch the mic. There, thats it; my one complaint.

Chris Johnson is well known in taper circles for providing affordable modifications for a number of microphones as well as portable digital recorders. He has only just started to produce microphones under the Busman Audio name, but has already developed a "buzz" amongst hard-core live concert recordists for his attention to detail and his very high quality products. I asked Chris what his goals were and he told me that his long-term goal is to continue to provide mods and microphones but also develop mic pres at some point in the future. For the time being, he is concentrating on his new microphone line. If the BA-L2 or his small condensers are any indication, I think we may be hearing a lot more from Busman Audio.

Elisa Nicolas - Ohio


Korg MR1000 modification
" After using my Busman modified Korg MR1000 to record more than a few live performances I wanted to take care of an overlooked something that’s needed doing for too long and that something is… - many THANKS!

Chris, your mods, ( I got the full meal deal, you mod’ed the input, reduced the gain and did the output mod) have transformed my Korg. I heartily recommend anyone with an MR-1000 get these mods done if highest clarity is of any interest to them, the stock MR-1000 is pretty good, but it’s NOT in league with a Busman mod’d MR-1000.

Of interest, with my equipment, the Korg MR-1000 balanced output is in another league compared to the unbalanced RCA output. I’ve checked other pieces I have that have both balanced to unbalanced outputs and the difference with them is subtle, not like the improvement there is on this modified Korg, the balanced output now has a sound stage that jumps out at you, wider and deeper and yet pin point sources are locked in space as never before, makes me think the unbalanced outputs don’t get the balanced output mod treatment? "

Sean Aughey